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Liebe Pilates-Interessenten,
vielleicht denkt ihr über den Aufbau eines eigenen Pilates-Studios nach – anbei einige Gedanken hierzu von mir. Ich habe innerhalb von einem Jahr das sehr erfolgreiche SYPC Boutique Fitness Model aufgebaut, das auch die Grundlage der SYPC Academy ist.
If i had listened to what was being written at the time when i decided to go forward with sunyard pilates club, then sunyard pilates club would not exist. You do not have to be the most intelligent person to be successful in business
you only have to know the facts of what you are doing, believe and know your capabilities and and be willing to sweat&bleed til you get through those hard times. I am very happy that sunyard pilates club has been so well accepted and supported. Also you should never forget that just because a particular industry or market seems to be full of competitors that does not mean you give up on your concepts, beliefs and dreams.
There are streets or areas all around the world with a mc donalds, burger kind and kentucky fried chicken right next door to 1 another. People may be blinded by blitz and glamour, but eventually they will choose what makes them feel good and what inspires them. Maybe the comparison with the fast food is not the best comparison, but there is truly a difference between all three of those business models and also in the levels of success between the three.
So if someone would ask me to give them pointers on how to build a successful studio or concept i would say to them:
- Surround yourself with someone or people that believe in you – everyone experiences a drop in energy and needs support and motivation
- Know and concentrate on the positive facts of your industry and do not get discouraged by the negative facts
- Never sale what you do not understand – if you do not understand the philosophies behind pilates, why would you open a pilates studio
- Be sincere in your caring about your clients. ofcourse you have a business to run, but caring about your clients is a top priority
- Put in your head that people do not care if you have the intelligence of a rocket scientist, they only care if you are good at what you do and it is benefiting them. So do try to show your intelligence, present your product and put your heart into it.
Never be afraid because you are different, never allow yourself to feel trapped in life and do not take as long as i have taken before you allow people to love you.
Enjoy, Roy

Posted on 21. Dezember 2014 in Allgemein

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